Customer Services

If you have questions about how DC Dunnage could help your business, send us an email, a message via the contact form or give us a call. We will connect you to the right person and to the right solution.

Training program

Our experts may teach you how to use dunnage airbags and related tools. You can learn more from their expertise and experiences during the training program.

Tips and Solutions

Our experts provide on-site user trainings and hands-on sessions about dunnage bag practices for your unique needs.

Shipping Damage Audits

Our damage prevention experts check your current operations, loading systems, airbags and inflators. Then, they advice to help improve your shipments. Moreover, our experts create custom load graphs and evaluate possibilities of cost savings for you.

User Instructions

DC Dunnage provides user manuals and videos to its customers. Please see just how quick and easy the dunnage bags of DC Dunnage can be applied between pallets.

Application Areas

We are here to maintain the stability of your cargo no matter how you deliver it. Inflatable dunnage bags present suitable solutions for shipping at ships, trains, trucks, buses or vans.