About Us

DC Dunnage - An Alliance of strong partners-

DC Dunnage, headquartered in Northern Virginia, USA

DC Dunnage produces custom designed multi-layer Polyethylene films whose thickness ranges between 80 microns and 200 microns for dunnage bag with the capacity of 2000 tons per year.

DC DunnageĀ“s PE blown film extrusion line is integrated to dunnage bag production. This means, DC Dunnage sells the best product for a competitive price.

Our dunnage bags incorporate the latest technology and features to help you secure your loads easily and effectively.

In order to meet the growing demand in European markets, we opened our second production facility in Portugal, following our first plant in Turkey. In fact, our Caribbean and Latin American Sales Office is located in Barcelos, Portugal (Porto`s Airbag- www.portosairbag.pt ).

Quality is our highest priority and is carried out at every stage of our productions. Our fabrics are tested for their tensile strengths. In addition, all our valves, are tested before use. Manufactured bags are leak-tested in different rates according to their levels.

We also manufacture dunnage airbag inflators, spare parts of inflators, and airbag valves. In addition, we also provide inflation solutions for all your dunnage bag needs and have distribution network across the world from www.dunnagebaginflators.com

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to ensure that our customers experience the best and achieve more successful results with our high-quality and efficiency principle as well as our absolute customer satisfaction-oriented approach.

With our strength in project quality, innovative solutions, and supportive and honest service at global standards, we are aiming at becoming one of the biggest project design and management companies in the industry.

Values and Ethics

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work by providing honest service with an accessible and transparent management approach, working diligently everyday just as on the first day, assuring an ideal customer experience before and after sales.

We care about what we do, and treat everyone equally, and encourage all our employees to achieve their maximum potential


We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our products throughout our Airbag production.

  • We reduce energy consumption per unit of production.
  • We reduce material give away during product development
  • We minimize production waste during Airbag production.
  • We can eliminate the need to use less sustainable protective packaging.
  • We Support recycling and recovery, DC Dunnage airbags are re-usable and %100 recyclable.
Save Money While Saving the Planet!

Why DC Dunnage?

  • What separates us is that we have taken advantage of our Portugal plant to provide a higher level of service and quality.
  • We extrude our raw materials. This means that we sell the best product for a competitive price.
  • Our production facility has a top-brand PE blown film extrusion line and integrated to dunnage bag production.we extrude our raw materials,This means ,we sell the best product at the lowest cost.
  • Quality materials and products